Is jumping on trampolines dangerous?

Yes. You or your child could get hurt. Any number of accidents can occur on trampolines. That’s why we call it an “Extreme Trampoline Sport”. Additionally, we require that you sign a waiver before participating. The waiver details important safety information and risks associated with jumping at G6 Airpark.

Here are some statistics comparing trampoline injuries in a significantly large facility in a major metropolitan area with other popular extreme sports:

Sport Injury Rate Injuries per 1,000
Baseball 1.7% 17
Softball 1.0% 10
Soccer 2.1% 21
Football 1.5% 15
Trampoline Park 0.2% 2

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics Journal, “Survey of the Injury Rate for Chilren in Community Sports”, Marirose A. Radelet, Scott M Lephart (PhD), Elaine N. Runbinstein (PhD), and Joseph B. Myers (PhD), Pediatrics 2002; 110; e28; DOI: 10.1542/ped.110.3.e28