Frequent Flyer Membership Agreement


(503) 255-3334                      (360) 828-1444
10414 SE Washington St      2200 NE Andresen Rd. Ste. J
Portland OR 97216                Vancouver WA 98661 

$12 Executive Flyer: 4 jump hours per month valid MON–THU, $12 monthly

$40 First Class Flyer: 8 jump hours per month valid ANYTIME. $40 monthly, $10 for each additional jumper

  1.  The following Membership Agreement  between ”MEMBER” and G6 Airpark for Executive/First Class Membership will be charged to the member’s credit card when this agreement begins and, on a monthly basis until cancelled. Membership can be used at either Portland or Vancouver location.  The initial membership duration is for four months and renews automatically. Membership may be cancelled anytime after the initial four month term. Jump time does not carry over (roll over) to subsequent months.  **This is a recurring membership and your credit card will be billed monthly until you cancel.  

A Member may cancel his or her Membership upon written notice to G6 Airpark after 4 months:

  1. Member agrees to obey all rules and regulations of G6 Airpark, for the use of G6 Airpark’s trampoline facilities, premises, and equipment therein, and G6 Airpark reserves the right to revoke this membership for cause if Member fails to make payment, keep and obey any of such rules and regulations, or for reasons of rule breaking, disturbance of other members or staff, or other rule infractions.  Member must have signed waiver before jumping.  Member Agreement coincides with signed waiver and all content of G6 Airpark waiver.  G6 Airpark and staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  1.  Memberships cannot be cancelled during the 4 month initial commitment, period. If there are extenuating circumstances and cancellation is approved by G6 during the initial 4 month commitment, Member agrees to pay an early termination fee equivalent to one month of the membership dues.