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Check Out the Fun at G6!

Dodge Ball

Dodge, Duck and Dive is our motto here. Play a friendly game dodgeball with your friends and family. Just remember- no headshots or kicking the dodgeball. And please remember: adults, take it easy on the little ones.

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Dunk Station

Practice your basketball skills in our dunk station, play a game or just shoot some hoops. Fun for all ages but we won’t guarantee that you’ll make it in the hoop.

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Free-Style Court

This is the perfect place to practice your flips or simply just to get your bounce on.  Whether you’re a gymnast perfecting your flips or a toddler getting those daily wiggles, our wall-to-wall trampolines are fun for the whole family.

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Trick Zone

Take turns showing off your tricks in the G6 Trick Zone. If tricks aren’t your thing, just jump in. Never jump head first!

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Kid’s Court

Our parks are equipped with special courts for children 8 and under only. Get away from the “big” kids in this play area. Our Kid’s Court is designed specifically with our younger bouncers in mind.

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Ninja Challenge (Pdx only)

Our Ninja Challenge is only at our Portland location (I know, bummer). If you’re ready to be a Ninja, this is the course for you. With multiple obstacles in your path, the ninja course is one of our customer’s favorites.

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