Appropriate Ages/Parent Responsibilities

Is there an individual weight limit?

There is a 300 lb weight limit.

Can I drop off/leave my kids at G6?

Children under the age of 13 must have adult supervision.

How old does my child have to be to jump?

Jumpers should be at least 18 months. Children three and under are free with a paid adult admission. G6 staff members are trained in enforcing G6 rules, but it is a parents’ responsibility to closely monitor their children.

Dress Code

Why can’t I wear regular socks on the trampolines?

Socks + trampolines = ice skating rink = Bad times.

What type of clothes should I wear?

Athletic clothing. Example: Shorts, athletic pants, t-shirts, athletic tank-top. Please, no sports bras.

Can I wear socks?

Only G6 Jump Socks ($2) are allowed on the trampolines.


Can I rent out G6 Airpark?

Please Call Us!

How do we know if the facility is rented out and closed to the public?

We post when our facility is rented out/closed on our Home Page and on Facebook.


Can I sign for my brother or sister?

No, you must be the child’s legal guardian.

I have a waiver through my youth group/camp/organization, do I need a G6 waiver, too?

Yes.  Even if you have a release by your school or organization, you will need a G6 Airpark waiver, too.

Can my friend’s mom sign my waiver?

No, it must be signed by your own parent or legal guardian.

If my parent forgot to sign my waiver, can I still jump?

No, we need to have a signed waiver the jumper's legal guardian before they are allowed to enter the trampoline courts.

Can I buy a half an hour of jump time?

No, all of our jump time is sold by the hour. Half an hour is only half the fun.

Is G6 Airpark a safe place for my special needs child to jump?

Please let us know ahead of time of special needs. During the week, we have hours for special needs jumpers. Those hours can be found on our website.

Can I bring my child’s friend to the Airpark?

Yes, but their legal guardian will need to complete a waiver before they can jump. This can be done on the G6 website using any computer or mobile device with internet access.

When can I participate in open jump time?

We are open first come first serve during our operating hours. We post our facility rentals on facebook and our website homepage.

Do I need a waiver if I am only watching someone else jump?

You only need a waiver if your feet touch the trampolines, otherwise you can spectate from the seating areas.

Is jumping on trampolines dangerous?

Yes. You or your child could get hurt. Any number of accidents can occur on trampolines. That’s why we call it an “Extreme Trampoline Sport”. Additionally, we require that you sign a waiver before participating. The waiver details important safety information and risks associated with jumping at G6 Airpark. Here are some statistics comparing trampoline injuries in a significantly large facility in a major metropolitan area with other popular extreme sports:
Sport Injury Rate Injuries per 1,000
Baseball 1.7% 17
Softball 1.0% 10
Soccer 2.1% 21
Football 1.5% 15
Trampoline Park 0.2% 2
Source: American Academy of Pediatrics Journal, “Survey of the Injury Rate for Chilren in Community Sports”, Marirose A. Radelet, Scott M Lephart (PhD), Elaine N. Runbinstein (PhD), and Joseph B. Myers (PhD), Pediatrics 2002; 110; e28; DOI: 10.1542/ped.110.3.e28


What all does the Birthday Party Packages include?

How many jumpers does each package include?

  1. G6 Airpark Vancouver (360)828-1444
  Supreme Air Birthday Party Package:
  • 20 Jumpers
Open Air Birthday Party Package:
  • 10 Jumpers
Fun Size Birthday Party Package:
  • 6 Jumpers
  1. G6 Airpark Portland (503)255-3334
  Admiral's Birthday Party Package:
  • 20 Jumpers
G6 Birthday Party Package:
  • 10 Jumpers
Cadet's Birthday Party Package:
  • 6 Jumpers

Can I have more jumpers at my birthday party?

Yes, you can have as many people jumping as you wish.
  1. G6 Airpark Vancouver (360)828-1444
  • Monday-Thursday $15 per additional jumper
  • Friday-Sunday: $20 per additional jumper
  1. G6 Airpark Portland (503)255-3334
  • Monday-Thursday: $16 per additional jumper
  • Friday-Sunday/Holidays & School Closure Day: $21 per additional jumper

Can I bring food to my birthday party?

No. We do not allow any outside food or drink, except cake. We provide pizzas for your party packages.  Please call to discuss special accommodations for allergies.

How long is a Birthday Party?

Parties are two hours. Typically, pizza and cake is served halfway through the party.


Where do I fill out the waiver?

G6 Airpark Vancouver - HERE G6 Airpark Portland - HERE The G6 Waiver is completely digital.  There is no paper version or PDF version that can be mailed to you for printing and completing.

If I’ve already filled out an electronic waiver, do I have to fill out another one?

No you do not. We keep your waiver on file. If we do not have your waiver, for whatever reason, then we will need an updated waiver completed. Waivers are different for our Portland (503)255-3334 and Vancouver (360)828-1444 location feel free to call us to verify that we have a waiver on file.

What happens if I get injured on the trampolines?

G6 staff will assess the situation and assist as necessary. We are happy to call paramedics if deemed appropriate.

Are G6 Staff trained to deal with Injuries?

Managers on staff are trained in general First-Aid.  If someone is injured, we will call 911.

Can we bring in food or drinks?

No outside food or drink is allowed in the airpark. For birthdays you may bring cake or cupcakes IF you reserve a private party table

How do I know when my jump time is up?

We will announce when your jump time is up based on wristband color.

Why can’t I hold my young child and jump with them?

It is too dangerous to be jumping while holding a child. For example, if you were to fall while holding the child, you can easily injure them.

I know that I am not allowed to double bounce, but what is double bouncing?

It is when you launch another person in the air on the same trampoline, by jumping right before they land.